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Product Description

 NO:BRT - B005E27WC - 5

Od Ф 60 * 100 (mm)

Light color is white, warm white

Material: aluminum alloy

Power supply voltage AC 85-265 (V)

Power for 5 * 1 (W)

Luminous flux 450 (LM)

Life of 50000 (H)

Encapsulation technology of high power leds

2. Product features:

1, the product adopts high quality aluminum alloy heat dissipation structure design, the maximum increase the cooling area; The traditional incandescent lamp design, the shell has a choice, golden, silver etc, conform to the aesthetic ideas of the masses. Have milky white and transparent lampshade lampshade choices to meet different lighting effects.

2, the product can be directly replace traditional incandescent bulbs. Installed directly in the form a complete set of lamps and lanterns and the traditional lighting E26, E27 shells matching.

3, product shell surface temperature below 65 ° (ambient temperature of 25 ° to 30 ° to work long hours under temperature) and much lower than the traditional incandescent lamp in the surface temperature of the work under the same temperature, when using more safe.

3. Long life LED lighting:

1. The service life of the ordinary incandescent lamp is three thousand hours, the service life of the fluorescent lamp energy-saving lamp is six thousand hours, the service life of LED lamp is $fifty thousand to more than hundreds of hours.

2, tungsten filament lamp glow when hot 2000 degrees, 800 degrees into a dark red, when the service life of the electric energy into light energy efficiency is 3% is three thousand hours

3, ultraviolet fluorescent lamp current, stimulate phosphor luminescence, ultraviolet radiation leak part (is harmful uv light), electric energy into light energy efficiency is about 10% of life is 6000 hours.

4, electroluminescent semiconductor LED, electronic mobile glow, as the cold light source, directly convert electrical energy into light energy, electro-optic conversion efficiency is 70%, and the service life is 20 times that of incandescent light, fluorescent light 6 times that of incandescent light bulbs, LED power consumption for 1/20, 1/6 of the fluorescent lamp. Life is 30 times that of incandescent lamp, fluorescent lamp 10 times.

Four health LED lighting:

1, pure white light: under the same illumination, color object to be according to the most true, is one of the best sources of light

2, the eyecare health: no stroboscopic, dc power supply, low calorific value.

3, no ultraviolet radiation leaked: compared with incandescent lamp, fluorescent lamp, such as LED without uv, infrared leaked out, and will not attract insects, no side effects on the skin, etc.

Five, the main scope of application: commercial lighting, the lighting lighting, hotel, KTV


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